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British Veterans Championships 2010

Austin Rose. He was fencing well and was ranked 2nd after the poules. Then he came up against Robert Kiss who had started poorly and was ranked 15th. Robert went on to win the competition

“He who plays with a sword plays with the devil”

Galician proverbs which also unfortunately include: "He that is won with a nut, may be lost with an apple"

Austen Rose


Sheilah Anderson Photo

World Championships, Livorno 2018

Sheilah Anderson (Right) won Silver in the WF and Gold in the Team Foil

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Oct 261ª Prova NazionaleITAConegliano (near Treviso)F E SDetails 
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Feb 01EVF Foil CircuitFRAFachesF  
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Mar 07EVF Epee CircuitUKRKievE  
Mar 21EVF Foil CircuitAUTGrazF  

Home Nations, Cardiff 2019

Jacques Portal

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